Social Network Links: Introduction

Aside from social bookmarks, there are also social networks to consider, and this is the first link you should look into. I realize I’m covering it in the middle, but if you don’t already have these networks, you should. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and, of course, Google Plus are all included. Stuff like a tumbler, Pinterest, and Instagram are examples of things you might wish to get outside of this.

Those are the major social networks as of today, but there are others that you may want to join. I mean, this list could go on forever, and we’re talking about websites that you can read. But for the time being, we’ll just concentrate on these. These are networks, so when you mention them, you’re referring to both a profile and a fan page.

Now there’s another one you can do as well, which I’ll refer to as a pipeline bar. This is a group, but only if you have a profile and a fan page should you create one. Your group’s goal is to get people involved in a certain product, service, idea, or fan page. Your profile is more personal than that general.

So have that in mind. You’ll merely have a profile here on Twitter, and you’ll optimize it for SEO purposes. You can create a LinkedIn profile for both business and personal reasons, so you have two options. You’ll have a YouTube channel and a Google Plus page, so you’ll want to register those for a tumbler. You’re merely getting a profile or a page on Pinterest. You’ll have a profile or a page, but you’ll also have boards, each of which will be unique.

So there are numerous options for completing all of the social media networks. Because you’ll be traveling over to profile pages, article submissions, and a slew of other things, you’ll want to claim all of these. When you fill-up those profiles, they’ll ask you questions.

The more social media networks you add, the better. They grow in size and become more strong as they grow in size. The more powerful they are, the higher your home page or money website will be.

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